Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance, inc.

Ames, Iowa

Emergency assistance for Story County residents, offered with dignity, encouragement, and support

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Because life can be tough sometimes,

Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance Cares

Our clients come from throughout Story County, Iowa and from many walks of life. Each person who walks through our door seeks hope and help. Providing that has been our mission for 21 years.

Available to Story County Residents

Various types of services

Volunteer-driven organization

Supported by Story County faith communities, community grants, community organizations, and individual donations

Emergency Food Vouchers

Vouchers good for vegetables, fruits, dairy, grains, and meat items

Emergency Gasoline Vouchers and Individual CyRide Tickets

Help for emergency situations to get you going again

Utilities Assistance

Preventing electricity, gas, or water from being shut off

Rent Assistance

Helping people stay in their apartment, home or mobile home

Client Testimonials

“Thank you for helping me through the online application.  I am glad I didn’t have to go out during the pandemic.”  -MA

“Miss Lori is so helpful.  She gave me so much information about all the other helping places I could go. God bless.”   -GS

“One day I won’t need help anymore – I hope.  Thank you to the people at Good Neighbor who have helped me while I can’t work.”    – JT

Latest News

Giving Our Very Best

Giving Our Very Best

Recently, I read a story about a woman, Sarah, who grew up in poverty and uncertainty.  When she was seven years old, her mother packed up a few belongings for herself and Sarah, fleeing from her abusive father to a small town on the west coast.  They had enough money...

Stirring of the Seeds

Stirring of the Seeds

Being a child on a farm, I heard a lot of sayings that I now know can be attributed to generations of depending on the cycles of the seasons for survival. One of the things I heard each February was the seeds were beginning to stir. I imagined the light of the...

New Navigator in the Stream

New Navigator in the Stream

As you walk, you cut open and create that riverbed into which the stream of your descendants shall enter and flow.  ~ Nikos Kazantzakis When I took on the directorship at Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance, Inc. (Good Neighbor) in July 2018, I imagined that this was a...

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