Our Members

Faith Communities & Other Organizations

Shared Commitment + Collaboration = Our Strength

As a cooperative organization, Good Neighbor relies on the support of many faith groups and organizations. Each contributes according to its ability and has the opportunity to select an individual to serve on the Board of Directors.

Faith Groups  


 Other Organizations

  • Ames Town and Country Kiwanis
  • Ames Golden K Kiwanis
  • Ames Noon Kiwanis
  • Ames Alternative Gift Market
  • Ames CROP Walk
  • Senior Variety Show
  • Wexfordhouse, LLC (Michael Londra, Concerts)

How to become a member of Good Neighbor

Is your faith group or organization missing from the list above? It’s easy to become a member of Good Neighbor, and we’d love to have you do so! Member groups agree to support Good Neighbor financially and are invited to help with fundraising and community events.

Benefits of being a member organization

  • Your assistance dollars can go further, because they are combined with those of many other groups and are increased through grants, fundraisers, matching gifts, and donations.
  • We have a full-time Director who meets with clients daily and who is connected to related services in the area.
  • You can participate in our special fundraisers, such as our annual combined choir concert in the Fall.
  • By pooling our funds, we reduce the need for low-income individuals to travel to multiple faith communities all over Story County to receive help.
  • Good Neighbor’s proximity to downtown Ames and its bus system, Story County Community Services, The Bridge Home, Food at First, and other related services makes us easy to find and convenient for clients to get to our office.


Contact Lori Allen, Director, for more information about becoming a member organization.