Gratitude doesn’t just go out our door to those who make Good Neighbor possible, almost every day it finds its way into our agency as well. Everyone we help offers their gratitude for however we are able to help them. Every phone call and every email we receive always end with a “thank you.” Sometimes, people feel compelled to offer their gratitude through a phone call, a card or letter, or even by giving a donation

The gratitude that people send in goes right back out in my daily work meditations. I am grateful to have such a rewarding and fulfilling career as this agency’s director; I am grateful for all the work that volunteers do at our agency; I am grateful to the working board of directors that is so engaged in getting our mission and vision out to the community; I am grateful for the organizations and faith communities that donate to us through monthly support and/or annual fundraisers; I am grateful to individuals who take the time to remember us in their personal philanthropy; and I am grateful to First Christian Church for loaning us our space to operate out of and for the the exterior maintenance they provide for this building. That’s a lot of gratitude!

Since March 2020, when Covid19 invaded the normalcy in our lives, Good Neighbor has been closed to the public. That has not slowed down the amount of assistance we give out each month. Now, instead of in-person applications, people can apply online, over the phone, or through email. I miss, I think we all miss, that personal connections that in-person service could offer, but I think many people appreciate the fact that they don’t have to leave their homes to apply for our assistance.

I feel like no one has fallen through the cracks because of this change, I hope I’m right. I was grateful to receive this thank-you from someone who had a bit of a challenge with the new process. Hopefully, their experience reflects the experience of many people that we’ve helped. Thanks, E, for letting me know about your experience with our online process.

In gratitude,

Lori Allen, Director