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In our last fiscal year, 2021-2022, we gave ~ $290,000 in rent, utilities, food, gasoline, CyRide tickets, and phone and internet assistance.  This was the third year in a row that Good Neighbor set a record for the amount of financial assistance provided to Story County residents and the number of people helped.  We could not have prevented homelessness for so many people without your generosity.  Thank you.  

For many, the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic are over.  The federal, state, and local funds that were available to help households affected by Covid 19 have ended.  Moratoriums on evictions and utility disconnections have been lifted.  Still, like most other places in the US, 64% of Story County households live paycheck to paycheck without a savings or contingency plan to cover the loss of work, illness, childcare disruptions, car and home repairs, and other emergencies that may arise. Most of the households we help have adults working 3-4 low paying jobs, the best they can find, to try and cover all their basic needs.  Many low income households only receive disability or social security payments to cover all their expenses.  We applaud the tenacity and creativity of people who are managing to get by on limited incomes, we are grateful we have the funds to help them when an unexpected financial crisis or emergency comes up.  Please take a few minutes to view our blog post You’ll find demographic info about who and how much we help. 

Your donation today, any size, will help us help Story County residents get back on a more secure financial track. We look forward to putting your donation to good use and to your future philanthropy partnership.  Because of you, we can continuing to offer assistance in an atmosphere of dignity, caring, education, and encouragement. Thank you! Donate online by clicking the Donate button below or sending funds through Venmo  @gnea-org   Or, send your check to:

Good Neighbor

613 Clark Avenue
Ames, IA, 50010 
What does your donation do for an individual in Story County?
$5 – Show you care
$10 – 20 rides on CyRide
$30 – Fill a family’s car with a tank of gasoline
$50.00 – Provide a family with Emergency Food Vouchers