In June of 2018, Lori Allen signed on as the Executive Director of Good Neighbor, the only employee for the organization at that time, yet supported by 14 faithful volunteers and a dedicated board of trustees. Lori committed to five years, or longer, of service to the organization. Now, five years and one pandemic later, she is stepping down from the position.

Lori leaves the agency in good order, including: assistance budget that has tripled since 2018; a second 3/4 time employee (The Navigator); a 12 hour weekly work-study employee; and 7 dedicated weekly volunteers; as well the hard working and dedicated board of trustees. In the last 5 years, Good Neighbor bylaws personnel policies, job descriptions, and the strategic plan have been re-written. Lori will stay on for orientation, training, and support – as needed and agreed to by the board and
new director.

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