In November 2019, Good Neighbor had a record breaking Fall Choral Concert where we raised over $12,000. It was an inspiring afternoon of support from area faith communities and area service clubs, as well as the local choral groups. We were excited to think that the Fall Choral Concert in November 2020 was going to be just as amazing . . . or even better!

Enter Covid 19.

We were not able to hold our annual Fall Choral Concert. We did want to reach out in another way, to remind people that we are still here, still helping Story County Neighbors, still dependent on the generosity and support of the community. We decided to make a video that would remind people we are still here, still helping. Even that was a challenge before the vaccine to get a few people together with a videographer and accompanist in a safe way.

Long story short – we have the video. Thanks to Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer for allowing us to format our song for our singers and agency; thanks to Cheshire Moon Films in Ames for figuring out the logistics and videography; thanks to Reggie Greenlaw, musician extraordinaire for the accompaniment and tweaks to the music and lyrics; thanks to Cynthia Marten, Good Neighbor Board Member for taking on this organization of the task, and to the singers who showed up in cold and empty places to sing for us.

We hope you’ll enjoy this video, and we hope you’ll be inspired to donate to Good Neighbor to fill in the missing fundraising gap from the 2020 Fall Choral Concert. Thanks!