Good Neighbor’s fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30 each year. Yesterday was the close of our 2019-20 Fiscal Year. What a roller coaster! It will be a few weeks before we are able to get our statistics out – how many households we helped, how much money was given to those households, how much money we received from donations from individuals, faith communities, and local organizations. What I will say is this – it’s been real!

Covid19 forced us to close our doors to the public in March, but we still gave out assistance at a greater pace than ever using phone, online, and email communications. And our donors stepped up. Fortunately, our donations kept pace with our requests. And, we’re happy to report that no staff or volunteers have been ill with Covid!

We’re making some changes in our services and our administrative procedures this year. Before Covid19, we were already planning to transition our Healthy Food Vouchers to Emergency Food Vouchers. (See our updates on the website.) In the past year we were transitioning from paper to electronic files and record keeping. That transition is now complete and we are looking for ways for our volunteers to transition back into helping, if they feel safe in doing so. We’ll have some old and new volunteers in the office beginning the week of July 6.

We will still not be open to the public for the foreseeable future, but I hope response time for clients will be more swift and that I’ll be able to focus on grant-writing and year-end tasks as the volunteers take over – I may even take a week or two vacation in August!

I’m just so elated that we’ve closed another successful year – I can’t wait for you all to see what Good Neighbor was up to – pre and post Covid19.

Thank you for keeping Good Neighbor and the clients we serve in your hearts, prayers, and pocketbooks. Your donations make such an important and positive difference to your Neighbors who are struggling to pay rent or utilities, and who are food insecure. I am grateful!

Your Good Neighbor Director – Lori Allen