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Good Neighbor works with individuals and families that are facing severe financial difficulties in an effort to provide them with support and assistance. The agency’s emergency rental and utility program provides financial assistance to help ensure that families remain in their homes without the disruption of needed services. We know that this assistance helps to address immediate needs, and now we are gathering information to demonstrate that these services have a positive impact over time.

The agency is conducting follow up telephone surveys a minimum of nine months after rent/utility assistance has been provided. Landlords/property managers or utility providers are contacted to ascertain the current status of the households that utilized agency services. For rent assistance, each household that is still residing at the residence, or who moved without leaving a past due balance is considered a successful outcome. Those households whose utilities are still connected or who moved without leaving an account balance is considered a success.

During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014, those landlords/property managers and utility providers responding to the survey reported the following:

  • Rent – 76% are either still living at the residence or moved in good standing with the landlord
  • Utility – 87% either still had their utilities connected or ended service without leaving an outstanding balance

Given the dire situations that those coming to Good Neighbor are facing, we are very pleased with these results. Good Neighbor will continue to conduct these surveys to monitor the impact of the assistance being provided assess our efforts to address crisis situations and positively impact the lives of our neighbors in need.

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