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For the second year, during the season of Advent (Dec. 1st – Dec. 24), students in preschool through 5th grade at St. Cecilia School and in the Faith Formation classes were asked to:

  1. pray for those in need;
  2. tell one person about Good Neighbor; and
  3. collect coins for donations.

Dave Stark, the pharmacy manager at Hy-Vee West, personally donated the pill bottles and built the small house (which was used in Jewell and Ames).? Ben Kellen and his troop built the large house and donated the materials for it.?? Jerry (Ross) donated the labels and inserts for the bottles.? Those coins added up to a whopping $876.22 that was donated to Good Neighbor agency.

Thank you to the students (and encouragement from teachers and parents) for this awesome effort!